Online reading websites

Below you will find links to some online children's reading websites. Some, such as Storyline online, have famous people / authors reading stories aloud.

Starfall - reading website for early childhood

Storyplace - a website for junior school

A website for students who are a little older, approximately 8 to 12 years old,

A website where students can have their own stories published

Toitoi Journals

Toitoi celebrates the creative spirit of young New Zealanders. They believe that their work has purpose and deserves a wide audience.

They publish material with an original and authentic voice that other young people can connect to and be inspired by and that reflects the cultures and experiences of life in New Zealand.

They have recently sent all schools a copy of the Latin American Special Issue as well as the South East Asia Special Issue.

Toitoi tv

Our philosophy is to treat young writers and artists with respect, handle their work with care and produce a beautifully designed journal of high quality that reflects how much we value and admire them.