2020 Workshops

Term 3 2020 workshops

Using the extensive knowledge that we have here in the Marlborough Education sector, a variety of workshops were offered to schools in week 6 of term 3 2020; run by both ASL's, teachers and facilitators across other fields.
Below are slideshows of the workshops offered.
In term 4 2020, workshops will be offered to those that were not able to attend in term 3.
Piritahi Kahui Ako Term 3 Workshop: Intro to Mindfulness for kids

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Conceptual Warm Ups Piritahi Workshop (ASL Copy)

Conceptual Warm Ups in Maths

Introduction to SOLO

An Introduction to Solo Taxonomy

Piritahi Term 3 Week 6 Workshops-Wellbeing

Well Being-Simple strategies to keep well

(ASL Copy) Defining Diversity - Understanding and engaging ESL families

Defining Diversity

(ASL Copy) Simple techniques on how to communicate with your non-English speaking students

Communication strategies for communicating with your non-English speaking students

Supporting Students with Specific learning difficulties

Dyslexia-Supporting student with specific learning differences in literacy

Play Based Learning Piritahi Workshop

Play Based Learning

Copy of Digital Art on Google Slides

Digital Art


Print Making - Term 3


Print Making - Term 4

March 11/12 2020 - Term 1 workshops

As you will see from the responses on the graph above, there was a strong request to have the opportunity to explore Rich Mathematical Tasks. If you are attending the Maths workshop please bring along an example of a rich task that students have found engaging. (These will take part on the Wednesday and the Thursday subject to numbers).

On Thursday (TBC) 12th March we will also offer the opportunity to attend Writing Moderation workshops for those who wish.

Throughout all workshops there will be an opportunity to connect with other schools, other teachers and build relationships. Based on the feedback, the workshops will be run for year levels and transitioning from ECE to kura.

ASL Presentation 13/2/2020

Workshops Term 1 Week 3 2020

For those of you who were unable to attend, please find a Google slide presentation of the main points covered in the WSL get together. Thank you to all of those that provided feedback on the meeting. The ASL's are using these comments to develop further workshops fit for purpose.

NE-Year 2 group task

Time was dedicated to teachers solving an authentic maths task and thinking about how they might adapt it to meet the needs of their own children. Why could it be a rich task? What would be some potential responses that you would hear from your students?

Teachers thoughts

We all have different understandings of what a rich maths task may be, so one of the aims of the workshop was to have a shared understanding of what one was. It was clear that teachers could see the benefit of them as long as they are relevant, had different entry points for learners and required a certain amount of challenge.

Placing potential student responses on a continuum

As part of the adult learning, teachers were asked to think of potential responses that their students might say when solving the rich task. These were then placed on a continuum of curriculum levels that their answers / strategies might align themselves best to.
Rich Mathematical Tasks ECE to Year 2
Rich Maths - ECE to Year 2

March Workshops

Rich Mathematical Tasks Year 3-5
Rich Maths - Year 3-5

Rich Maths Tasks

Rich Mathematical Tasks Year 6 - 8
Rich Maths - Year 6-8

Access to ppt

Number and Algebra Mathematical Rich Tasks

Number & Algebra Mathematical Rich Tasks

Geometry and Measurement Mathematical Rich Tasks

Geometry & Measurement Mathematical Rich Tasks

Statistics Mathematical Rich Tasks

Statistics Mathematical Rich Tasks