2021 Piritahi Day

Piritahi call back day workshops

Mind over Manner - Keynote Speakers

Mind Over Manner is a charity organisation that presents public workshops to foster theatre for social change.

Mind Over Manner uses applied theatre techniques and works with a team of professional theatre practitioners and audiences so whanau, caregivers, teachers, and service providers have the chance to participate and reassess their responses to many unexpected and difficult situations.

Marlborough educators were fortunate to be part of Mind Over Manners workshop in January 2021 and there was such a positivity after each of them across all sectors of education. Below are the readings, briefings and workshop notes from the day.

Final REWORKED Resource NOTES copy

Neurodiversity notes

ASD Pointers

ASD qualities

Susan Haldane's Notes for Under Responder

Notes for Under responders

The preventative page Paul Johnstone.docx

Paul Johnstone's notes

WARM bookmark Paul Johnstone.docx

Paul Johnstone's notes

Brooke Trenwith's notes

Trauma informed practice - am in depth guide to recognising child trauma and the associated challenges. (Unfortunately, these notes are no long avaliable for sharing).

Judith Price Notes

Judith Price's notes

Mel Stopford

Mel Stopford

Building an effective team

Jess Bond

Jess Bond

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