Supporting Refugee Families

Refugees coming to New Zealand

Marlborough is now home to up to 100 refugees from Colombia.
Blenheim is a new resettlement location for refugees, following the Government's decision to increase the annual refugee quota to 1500 from 2020 onwards. Our Marlborough schools will no doubt have some of these families joining their communities and bringing their amazing culture to the area.
This page is dedicated to help us all understand the needs of these families and how we can best meet their needs.
For more information about how your school can connect with our new families, please click on the MOE link below.

Connecting with refugee families

Refugee Handbook for schools

Personal refugee stories

Former refugees remember what it was like when they first arrived in New Zealand, how they felt and how they feel now - years later.

Classroom resources in Spanish

Classroom jobs in Spanish

Essential greetings in Spanish

Marlborough Multicultural Centre - Henry Street, Blenheim

Their Vision

The Marlborough Multicultural Centre (MMC) aims to ensure that newcomers and local people can celebrate their diversity in a safe and welcoming environment so that people of all ethnicities feel empowered, with a sense of connectedness and belonging.

Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions or queries.

Their Values

The Marlborough Multicultural Centre's values align well with those of Piritahi - belonging, equity and connected.

We recognise diversity in our community.

We value collaboration with individuals and other organisations.

Tolerance and acceptance are central to our way of working and our community relationships.

We participate and integrate in our community and support newcomers and newcomers to do so too.

Recognising and supporting equality between peoples.

We encourage to be part of a smart, connected and safe community.