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Expert Partner

Helen Timperley is Professor Emeritus of Education at The University of Auckland. Her extensive research experience has focused on how to promote professional and leadership learning in schools in ways that make a different to outcomes for those student learners who are currently underserved by the system. She has worked extensively with educators in New Zealand and internationally, with most of this work focusing on school and system change, professional conversations with impact and evaluative thinking in educational innovation.

Linda Bendikson

Expert Partner​

Linda Bendikson is the Director at The University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership. Linda brings her expertise in the education sector as a teacher, principal, and most recently, as Regional Manager (Central North) for the Ministry of Education. A life-long educationalist, Linda completed her PhD studies at The University of Auckland in 2011. Her PhD research focuses on educational management and leadership. She has developed a method for assessing the performance of secondary schools, including those which are improving over a four-year period. She has also linked school performance to aspects of instructional leadership and school culture.