Staff Only Day - January 2023 - ASB Theatre, Blenheim

Friday January 27 2023, saw hundreds of educators take part in Marlborough's Kahui Ako's Staff Only Day at the ASB Theatre in Blenheim. The aim of the day was to share knowledge around a number of subjects through workshops and keynote presentations from behaviour reinforcement and culturally responsive pedagogy, to Aotearoa's Curriculum Refresh and Enacting Te Tiriti. Guest speakers from all over the country shared their expertise and passion with the region throughout the day, both onsite and off. A heartfelt thank you to all of our speakers, including Dr Peter Meihana, Dr Melanie Riwai Couch, Paul Johnstone, Janine Higgins, Melissa Corlett, Renee Jepson, Dr Mere Berryman, Megan Lewis, Jess Bond and others.  

Iwi visit
Curriculum Refresh Workshop January 2023.pptx

Janine Higgins - The New Zealand Curriculum Refresh

All 8 learning areas of The New Zealand Curriculum are being refreshed between now and 2026.  Why is our curriculum being refreshed? What will need to change in my practice?  When do I need to accommodate changes? Janice answered your questions and your positive, future-focused attitude at this presentation.

She covered Te Mātaiaho (the new draft curriculum framework), the English, Mathematics and Social Sciences learning areas, and included an emplasis on te reo and tīkanga Māori across the curriculum. 

While the focus was mainly on Years 1-10, the curriculum refresh is also relevant to Years 11-13. Teachers and staff had the opportunity to look ahead, understand the direction of curriculum changes, and make a plan for how they might work towards implementing some of these changes in their classroom programme to improve progress and connection for their ākonga in 2023 and beyond.

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Paul Johnstone - The brain, neuro-diversity and what to do about it....

This presentation will help you really get to know your students if they have been impacted by anxiety and trauma.  How to get on with them and how to get on with ‘it’.

A synthesis of current best practice.  Information and strategies to be therapeutic.

Supporting Kids Social Skills_The Things that Work_Talk Together_Blenheim Jan 2023_Slides to share.pdf

Paul Johnstone - Supporting Kids social skills PDF